QCHALLenge Consortial Meeting 2024

Exchange on the accomplished tasks and coordinating future efforts

(June 11, 2024/Garching) For our annual meetup more than twenty members of the consortium accompanied by the DLR got together for a full day workshop at the new Siemens campus in Garching near Munich to update each other on the current status of the project. Starting with internal kickoffs of work complexes 8 and 9, and continuing with an on premise tour of the LRZ Quantum Integration Center to get a feeling of qauntum hardware, the official part started after lunchtime and covered in-depth updates of the major work packages, including use cases, the software framework as well as fundamental reasearch on QML and decomposition techniques for quantum optimization.
After intensive technical discussions the workshop concluded in a positive outlook for the success of the project from all parties involved.